Our Shabbat service is every Saturday at 10:30 AM.
Congregational Bible Study is every Tuesday at 7 PM.

All are welcome!


Praise Adonai!  We began holding Shabbat services again  May 16th, 2020 at our normal time of 10:30 am.
Last week Aug. 22, 2020 We began having our ONEG as a “Brown Bag” lunch.  To prevent everyone congregating around the food that was set up like a pot luck buffet, you will bring your own food to eat with everyone while still taking all precautions by social distancing advised by the CDC.  
For the latest statistics on the COVID-19 virus, see Mobile County’s Health Department website.  

If you have any questions, you can either call Jack Morgan at 251-776-1002 or e-mail him at jackbarbmorgan05@aol.com.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We love and care for you.


We at Congregation Tree of Life [CTL] welcome everyone to worship Israel’s Messiah, Yeshua [Jesus] of Nazareth with us! We are a congregation of Jews and non-Jews who seek to put the Messiah back within His biblically Jewish context. We believe that there is harmony in being Jewish and believing in Yeshua and the Judaism He represents, where the principles of Torah are observed from the heart and not merely from the head. We also teach everyone to better understand Messiah and connect them with the Jewish roots of their faith. We believe that all believers should observe the Appointed Times of ADONAI, even today.

In our Shabbat morning and holiday services, we combine traditional Jewish liturgy with scriptural-based contemporary Messianic music that helps lead people into an enhanced experience praising ADONAI. We also include group Israeli folk dance, as a meaningful, joyous expression of our love for Yeshua. These and the other jubilant manifestations, such as clapping (Ps. 47:1) and lifting our hands in surrender to ADONAI (Ps. 63:5), are all part of Messianic praise and celebration (Ps. 150).

Our Facebook page is: congregationtreeoflife/mobile