Weekly Announcements

  Highlights from the 36th Annual Rabbi’s Conference:
“Understanding the Times”
The real division in America is not Right vs. Left, but right vs. wrong. And in that dispute, G-d’s Word is the definitive authority.  The hot-button issues of today are abortion, racism, taxes, social security, terrorism, welfare, immigration, sexual orientation and gender identity and others. In year 1918, when soldiers came home from WW1, they brought home the morals of Europe and that was the start of the end of Christian America.  Violent times came in 1968 and Christianity became a sub-cultural. Then in 1988, Christianity became the counter-cultural with the Jim Baker and Jimmy Swagger’s downfalls. In 2008, the Christian church became persecuted and the Bible became hate speech. 2018 was the year when gender confusion became a protected class.  
              By Dr. Jim L Garlow, senior pastor of Skyline Church, San Diego, Calif. and author of Well Versed–Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues available at CTL for $8

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