Weekly Announcements


Highlights from the 36th Annual Rabbi’s Conference:

“Growing a Healthy Congregation”

Encouragement comes with the belief that progress and change is possible, and we must be renewed regularly by hearing the Word of G-d. We need to speak to lift people up and not tear them down. Discouragement comes when our vision begins to dim and we give up. Ants don’t, but people do.

Spiritual health of a congregation should consist of a “Team Spirit.” Are we working just for ourselves, or are we working together to help one another to be an over comer; because we all are the Children of G-d. The congregation should have an urgent and compelling vision to preach the Good News.
Guard unity diligently, even love can not make everyone happy. Yeshua must be first. He is the Senior Rabbi and must be lifted up and exalted. Emphasize the reality of a personal presense of the Holy Spirit that makes Yeshua real. The Spirit gives life. The standard of G-d’s Word lifted up with no compromise. G-d desires obedience to His Word and not just knowledge. Truth of G-d’s Word transforms the believer. By: Rabbi Jeff Foreman.



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