Weekly Announcements 2.6.19

Dear Mishpachah [Family]:

The Torah reading for week ending Adar I 4, 5779 is Sh’mot [Exodus] 25:1–27:19 called T’rumah meaning “Heave Offering/Contribution.” The Haftorah reading is from 1 Kings 5:12–6:13. The Writings in the Messiah is Hebrews 8:1-6.
Shabbat: Optional Color theme: Red/Pink
Torah Service: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM. Nursery available for ages 5 and under.
Oneg/Lunch: 12:00-1:00 PM. The theme is Italian

Guests are welcome to stay for Oneg. Members and regular attendees, please bring enough food for your family and some to share with our guests. Parents, please be with your children and help with their portions. After Oneg, your dishes will be put on the small table in the foyer and help with clean-up will be appreciated so we can begin our afternoon services on time.

If you are coming to CTL after 10:30 AM, please enter through double doors, walk through the Oneg room and enter sanctuary by using the back hallway. This will help with the flow of our service that is in progress. Thanks…Andy

Nursery Schedule: (Feb 9)–Barb (Feb 16)–Carrie (Feb 23)–Tracy. We need at least two more nursery workers!!

Afternoon Services:
Congregation Midrash (Open to everyone): Jack will lead a deeper discussion about this week’s Parashah [portion].
Women’s Bible Study: Chronicles of Messiah will end this Shabbat. We will be starting Chronicles of the Apostles on the 23rd.
Children 12 and under: Barbara will be helping with our children.

Upcoming Shabbat Cuisine/Color to Wear (if you so desire).
2/16 Multi-Cultural–Purple/Violet (Grant Luton will be here!)
2/23 Southern–Black/Grey
3/2 Open
3/9 American–Yellow/White
Highlights from the 36th Annual Rabbi’s Conference: “Growing a Healthy Congregation”

Encouragement comes with the belief that progress and change is possible, and we must be renewed regularly by hearing the Word of G-d. We need to speak to lift people up and not tear them down. Discouragement comes when our vision begins to dim and we give up. Ants don’t, but people do.

Spiritual health of a congregation should consist of a “Team Spirit.” Are we working just for ourselves, or are we working together to help one another to be an over comer; because we all are the Children of G-d. The congregation should have an urgent and compelling vision to preach the Good News.
Guard unity diligently, even love can not make everyone happy. Yeshua must be first. He is the Senior Rabbi and must be lifted up and exalted. Emphasize the reality of a personal presense of the Holy Spirit that makes Yeshua real. The Spirit gives life. The standard of G-d’s Word lifted up with no compromise. G-d desires obedience to His Word and not just knowledge. Truth of G-d’s Word transforms the believer. By: Rabbi Jeff Foreman


Bible Study Tuesday: 7 PM. We will be teaching from Matthew chapter 19. Thank you Dane for an insightful look into Scripture.

Praise Team Practices: Thursday at 7 PM and Sunday at 3 PM.

Food Outreach: Sunday, Feb 24th with set up @1:30 PM. For year 2018, we served 262 families consisting of 682 people costing a total of $2,160.81.

Well Versed–Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues by Dr. Jim L Garlow, senior pastor of Skyline Church, San Diego, Calif. is available at CTL for $8. Excellent book recommended at the Rabbi’s Conference.


Mark your calendars!
<> <> <> We are excited to have L. Grant Luton and his wife, Robin, come Feb. 15th-16th, 2019 Grant is the author of “In His Own Words” and Pastor of Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship in Akron, OH. [bethtikkun.com].
Schedule for this event:
Feb. 15th – 7:30 PM Erev Shabbat Service (Grant will teach) [Please bring cookies and drinks for light refreshments after!]
Feb. 16th- 10:30 AM Shabbat Service (Grant will teach on the portion and we will take up a special love offering for the Luton’s.)
Oneg 12-1 PM Please bring something to share; theme is multi-cultural!
1 PM – Bible Study Hour-(child care provided)
Grant will dig deeper into the portion with the men in the Sanctuary.
Robin will teach the women in the the Oneg room.
3:00 PM Hebrew Class- Grant will be teaching. *You are welcome to stay if you have taken Tracy’s Hebrew class before!* (no child care).

March 16th- Shabbat Purim Service
March 20th- Purim Party- the theme this year is Western! Start working on your costumes cowboys, cowgirls and Indians!


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