Highlights from the 36th Annual Rabbi’s Conference: “How To Change Your Behavior”
By Steve Weiler

How to recognize when your behavior needs change?–Family, friends, congregation, and ADONAI’s Word will tell you. Your reputation and private behavior will affect your ministry.

Steps in order to change–Recognize that a change is needed and prepare to change. There are resources to help you. Consider the barriers that may surface to prevent change. Remember, most of the time, we can’t change ourselves. ADONAI has to change us. Pray Scripture that deals with the solution, rather than the problem. You don’t have to pressure yourself to change. ADONAI will change you. Your job is to pray His Word. Expect that the power of ADONAI’s Word, which will dwell in you so strongly, will push out sins and behavioral issues. Without hope and expectation, change can not come, so check your attitude.

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