Weekly Announcements

Dear Mishpachah [Family]:

The Torah reading for week ending Tevet 28, 5780 is Shemot  (Exodus) 6:2–9:35 called Va’era meaning “And I Appeared”. The Haftorah reading is from Ezekiel 28:25–29:21.  The reading from The Writings in the Messiah is 1 Corinthians 11:20-34.  

Torah Service:  10:30 AM–12:00 PM. Nursery available for ages 5 and under.
Oneg/Lunch:  12:00–1:00 PM. 
Cuisine Theme:  OrientalShabbat Color Theme:  Purple/Violet (If you so desire)

Guests are welcome to stay for Oneg.  Members and regular attendees, please bring enough food for your family and some to share with our guests.  Parents, please be with your children and help with their portions and food selection. After Oneg, your dishes will be put on the small table in the foyer.  Also, help with clean-up will be appreciated. 
If you are coming to CTL after 10:30 AM, please enter through the double doors; walk through the Oneg room and enter sanctuary by using the back hallway.  This will help with the flow of our service that is in progress.  Thanks.

NO Afternoon Services:  Enjoy being with your friends and family.  Afternoon Services will resume next week. Note to the Women’s Bible Study:  Please listen to #4 and #5 of the Apocalypse of John audio series before next class. We will begin with #6 that starts teaching from the Scriptures.   

Upcoming Shabbat Themes:  Cuisine and Color to wear if you so desire.

2/01    Open

2/08    Italian–Red/Pink

2/15    Chili–Brown/Beige     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Food Outreach: Sunday, January 26th set-up at 1:30 PM.  Outreach is from 2-3:30 PM. Thanks to all who come to help with this outreach.

Bible Study Tuesday:  Starts at 7 PM and Dane Clarke is presently teaching “The Holy Spirit”.  Thank you for sharing the Hebrew insights into the Ruach Chakmah, Spirit of Wisdom meaning “to be wise in mind” for doing the will of Adonai.
Praise Team Practices:  Sundays at 1 PM and Tuesdays at 6 PM.  


We would like to create a page of “Memories of Days Gone By”. A place of nostalgia that displays the CTL family and the growth and changes along the way.  This will be fun for all past and present members of CTL.  If you have any old photos you would like to submit for this page for CTL approval, please email photos to jackbarbmorgan05@aol.com and walley_gina@yahoo.com.  After they have been approved, they will be considered when this page gets created. THANK YOU!


2020 Mobile Jewish Film Festival
January 16 through February 2
See mobilejewishfederation.org for the schedule of times, places and trailers for the upcoming films.  

Fiddler: Miracle of Miracles  along with dinner was excellent! Good to see so many of us that attended this event.