Weekly Announcements

Dear Mishpachah [Family]:
The Torah reading for week ending Adar 18, 5780 is [Shemot] Exodus 30:11–34:35 called Ki Tisa meaning “When You Take”. The Haftorah reading is from Ezekiel 36:16-38. The reading from The Writings in the Messiah is 1 Corinthians 8:4-13.

Shabbat Color Theme: (Optional) Yellow/White

Torah Service: 10:30 AM–12:00 PM.

Nursery available for ages 5 and under.

Oneg/Lunch: 12:00–1:00 PM. The theme is American

Guests are welcome to stay for Oneg. Members and regular attendees, please bring enough food for your family and some to share with our guests. Parents, please be with your children and help with their portions and food selection. After Oneg, your dishes will be put on the small table in the foyer. Also, help with clean-up will be appreciated so we can begin our afternoon services on time.

If you are coming to CTL after 10:30 AM, please enter through the double doors; walk through the Oneg room and enter sanctuary by using the back hallway. This will help with the flow of our service that is in progress. Thanks.

Afternoon Services: 1:00 PM–2:30 PMCongregational Midrash: (Open to everyone) Jack and others will lead a deeper discussion about this week’s Torah Parashah (portion).

Women’s Bible Study: We are presently discussing the Apocalypse of John available from the web site of Beth Immanuel audio series. Each week we listen to D. Thomas Lancaster’s teaching, then we discuss what was taught. This week’s audio teaching will be #10.

Children 12 and under: Pending

Upcoming Shabbat Themes: Cuisine and Color to wear if you so desire.

3/21 Israeli/Mediterranean–Blue/Navy

3/28 Oriental–Purple/Violet

Bible Study Tuesday: 7:00 PM. Dane is currently teaching on the “Holy Spirit”. Last night, we learned that Adonai can send an evil spirit one time, and then His Spirit another time to accomplish His will in King Shaul’s life. Read 1 Samuel 18-19.

Dance Team Practices: Tues. at 6:00 PM. Sunday practice will resume March 29th at 1:00 PM.

Food Outreach: Sunday, March 29th with set-up time of 1:30 PM. Thanks to all who donated shampoo, deodorant, and other such items. These go really fast and are appreciated by the people we serve.

Greeting Cards made by Christine Basham are now available in our Market Place. Since it is Shabbat, you will be given an addressed envelope so payments can be made by mail.

Purim Celebration–Last Sunday was a fun-filled time with friends. The food was great, and thanks to all who played the games…both kids and adults together! See our Face Book page for the many pictures. Thanks Gina for your artistic skill in decorating and picture taking. We love each and everyone of you!


She [Torah] is a Tree of Life to those who grasp her, and whoever holds on to her are called blessed. (Proverbs 3:18)

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