Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear Congregation of Life Mishpachah [Family]:

Many churches, congregations and other public places are putting into place a response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We here at CTL are very concerned for everyone’s health and wellness.

The WHO issued a statement yesterday stating that it is a pandemic and, as a result, the President has issued further travel restrictions. We are following reports from the Alabama Department of Public Health, The Mobile County Health Department, and the White House Coronavirus Task Force very carefully. As of this moment, there have been no confirmed infections in the State of Alabama. Of course, there are cases in nearby states and it will likely be found in Alabama soon.

While we do not need to panic nor overreact, we do want to take some common sense precautions for our Congregation. Therefore, here is our protocol:

1.) We will be staying up to date with our local authorities advice and warnings

2.) We will be disinfecting all hard surfaces, especially door handles3.) We will be placing a hand hygiene product on Oneg table, and use before you serve yourself

4.) Please wash your hands for 20 seconds (with soap) frequently, Use the two bathrooms, and utility sink in kitchen, Do not touch your face

5.) Please cough or sneeze into the bend of your elbow or a tissue (wash hands after disposing of tissue)

6.) If you (or your children) are the least bit sick – at all – please stay home

May HaShem protect all of us in His protective tent.

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