Weekly Announcements

Dear Mishpachah [Family]:

At last Shabbat service, it was good seeing everyone after 8 long weeks. We praise Adonai that all were well and healthy and kept the 6ft distance from people and took other precautions. It is too soon to start Oneg with the serving of food. Our “koodies” are spread by touching, talking, laughing, sneezing, and coughing, so be aware of others around you when you shop among people you do not know. Be blessed and stay safe, so you do not help spread this virus to loved ones.
See you again this coming Shabbat.

The Torah reading for week ending Iyyar 29, 5780 is B’midbar (Numbers) 1:1–4:20 called B’midbar meaning “In the Wilderness”. The Haftorah reading is from 1 Samuel 20:18-42. The reading from The Writings in the Messiah is 1 Corinthians 12:12-20. Friday at sundown begins Omar 44. We are getting closer to celebrating Shavuot.


Payer for Payer Requests:

1 For the leader. By David. As a reminder:2 God, rescue me!Adonai, hurry and help me!3 May those who seek my lifebe disgraced and humiliated.May those who take pleasure in doing me harmbe turned back and put to confusion.4 May those who jeer, “Aha! Aha!”withdraw because of their shame.5 But may all those who seek yoube glad and take joy in you.May those who love your salvation say always,“God is great and glorious!”6 But I am poor and needy;God, hurry for me.You are my helper and rescuer;Adonai, don’t delay!

Psalm 70

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