Weekly Announcements

Dear Mishpachah [Family]:

The Torah readings for Tammuz 12, 5780 is B’Midbar (Numbers) 19:1–25:9 called Chukat, meaning “Statute” and Balak, name meaning “Empty and Void”. The Haftorah reading is Micah 5:7–6:8. The Writings in Messiah reading is John 19:38-42 and Matthew 21:1-11.

Ted Pearce will be in concert this Shabbat, July 4th at 10:30 AM. A love offering will be taken to bless this man as he leads in spiritual warfare of praise and worship. Invite a friend. See everyone at Shabbat.

The benevolent love offering for Yochanan was a blessing, and he thanks everyone for helping him during this trial. The amount so far is $1,620.00. He is in need of much prayer as he relocates to be closer to his family who can give him the care he needs. We love you Yochanan and will miss you.

Food Outreach last Sunday, we served 15 families consisting of 42 people. Fifteen were 1-18 years of age and ten were 60+. Thanks to all who helped.

Dance Practice this Thursday at 6 PM. We will review the new dance “Heal Our Land”.
Hope to see you everyone there.


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