Weekly Announcements

Dear Mishpachah [Family]:

Torah Service: 10:30 AM–12:00 PM. The Torah reading for Sivan 26, 5782 is Numbers 13:1–12:16 called Shelach, meaning “Send for Yourself”. Haftorah reading is Joshua 2:1-24. The Writings in Messiah is Hebrews 3:7-19.

Oneg/Lunch: 12:01 PM to 1:00 PM.

Women’s Bible Study 1:00 PM: Present topic is “Eight Covenants of Adonai”, and we are currently on the last and final covenant, the “Renewed Covenant”.


Dance Practice–Thursdays at 4:30 PM. Good time for new people to come and learn the worship of dance.

Food Outreach–June 26th,

Sunday with set-up time of 1:30 PM. We have new items to be put out and any and all help will be appreciated.



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