Weekly Announcements

Dear Mishpachah [Family]:

Torah Service: 10:30 AM–12:00 PM. The Torah reading is B’reisheet (Genesis) 28:10–32:2 called Va’Yetze meaning “And He Went Out”. Haftorah reading is Hosea 12:12–14:9. Writings in Messiah is John 1:43-51.

Oneg/Lunch: 12:01 PM to 1:00 PM.

Women’s Bible Study 1:00 PM: We have started studying “Hebrew Idioms Explained”. We will meet in Oneg Room. Class should end by 2:00 p.m.

Beginner Hebrew Class 2:00–3:00 PM: We have learned the first eight Hebrew letters. Next, we will study the Tet and Yod along with new vocabulary. Please bring all your handouts from previous classes. Keep up the good work.

Dance Practice: We will meet after Hebrew Class.



Food Outreach–November 27th we served 27 families consisting of 104 people. NO outreach for the month of DECEMBER because it falls on the 25th.

Chanukkah Day 6 Celebration–December 24th (Shabbat) at 10:30 AM. We will have special music, dancing, and teaching. Come for this special service.

Chanukkah Party–December 25th (Sunday) at 6:00 PM. There will be fun games, great food, and fellowship. Please bring your family Chanukkiah, 8 candles plus helper = 9 total, and lighter.


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