Food & Clothing Outreach

2x10 Food & Clothing

Coordinators– Jack & Barbara Morgan

This ministry takes place on the Last Sunday of every month from 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Set up for this begins at 12:30 PM and We NEED YOUR HELP! Tables and chairs are rearranged, many racks of clothes are brought out from the Clothes Closet Room, as well as many of the donated bags and boxes of items. All items are then sorted by kind, size and placed on the appropriate rack or table in the assigned area. Someone will be there to organize the work and many hands make the work light, fun and quick. Even if you can only come to help set up or just come at 3:30 PM to help clean up, it will be a great help! We also need people who can stay the whole time to help with the registration table, carrying out groceries and bags of clothes or big items for elderly or disabled recipients. If you are a prayer warrior and/or just love to minister to people, we often have people come who need this ministry almost more than food or clothing.

Clean up for this begins around 3:30 PM unless we still have a line of recipients. Everything leftover has to be put back into tubs, boxes or bagged back up. All of this plus all of the clothing racks have to be returned to the Clothes Closet Room. Tables and chairs have to be returned back to the original set up. Tables all wiped down and any vacuuming or other clean up done. Any leftover food bags are returned to the Food Pantry and are available throughout the month if we have anyone who stops by in need.

Donations: We accept donations at anytime during the month. You can leave the bags and boxes under the overhang at the front door, or if someone is there, you can bring them in and place them in the Clothes Closet Room (first door on the left after the kitchen). We will gladly take clothes of all sizes, especially baby, children, and Big & Tall Men items! Coats, jeans and school uniforms are a popular request. These need to be clean, useable, and something you would wear yourself. We also take shoes and belts in good shape. We have a small section for a few household items, books and toys that are in exceptionally good shape as well, but our main goal is to provide clothing.

Please do not bring items that should be thrown away, have holes, are stained, broken or missing parts.

It would also be of GREAT help if you would sort the items you plan on bringing into babies, children’s, women’s, and men’s.

Food: We buy the food we give out from the local food bank. If you would like to donate to help fund this program at anytime please designate this on the envelope. We also need help getting and bagging the food items up to give away. If you are available to help with this let the coordinators know.