High Holydays

Shabbat– Friday at sundown to an hour after sunset Saturday. This is the first holy day given in Lev. 23. [No work is permitted]

Rosh Chodesh-New month/moon on the Hebrew calendar. Shofar is blown and special prayers. Women get together [no household chores for them].

2x10 CommunitySeder.jpgCommunity Passover-Coming SOON!

This is our yearly TEACHING Seder. We teach you HOW to have a Seder in your own home, and give you time to get prepared for it, as the actual night of Passover is April 19th at sundown.

This is open to the community, but we have LIMITED seating, so you MUST have reservations.

It is a potluck with restrictions (foods that are Kosher and unleavened- no yeast & baking soda [eggs are ok])- so you will also need to sign up for something specific.

dv1395027Pesach [Passover]-Monday, April 19th-sundown. We will be having a closed CTL Family Seder. [Food prep ok]

The Feast of Unleavened Bread– Seven full days of eating no leaven. This includes yeast & baking soda, though eggs are ok. [No work permitted on April 20th-21th and April 26th-27th.]

Shav’uot [Pentecost]- Saturday, June 8th-sundown to June 9th- sundown. [No work permitted]


Yom Teruah [Rosh HaShanah]- Sunday, September 29th-sundown to 30th-sundown. [No work permitted]

YomKippurFacebookYom Kippur [Day of Atonement]: [No work permitted and a 24 hour complete fast day. Children 11 & below and the sick are exempt. Elderly, people with health issues, or pregnant can do a Daniel fast- veg. & water.]

  • Opening- Tuesday, September 8th at sundown. {It’s customary to wear white, no leather and no gold.}
  • Closing- Saturday, September 9th at sundown.

Sukkot [Feast of Tabernacles]-Wednesday, September 13th-sundown through September 20th-sundown. [No work is permitted on September 13-14th]

SimchatTorahFacebookShemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah [The 8th Day & Rejoice in the Torah]-Monday, October 21st-sundown to Tuesday, October 22nd-sundown. [No work is permitted]

Check out our Facebook page or Weekly Announcements for specific info about when or how we will be celebrating each Holyday.