Oneg Cuisine

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In keeping with the biblical dietary commandments, our Oneg/lunch and holyday gatherings will always be kosher in obedience to ADONAI. Kosher means “suitable” and refers to the list of foods that are acceptable as food in Lev. 11 & Deut. 14. This specifically excludes pork & shellfish among other foods. Please look carefully at the ingredients of the items you use to make things to bring. For example: Jello brand uses gelatin from pork. However, we aren’t strict about mixing dairy and meat as Rabbinic Kosher laws require.

If you plan on staying for Oneg, please bring a pre-prepared dish, enough for your family and some to share. Sandwiches, salads, Crockpots and dessert are great for this. We eat after service, the food is all put out and Kiddush is said. We need everyone’s help with clean up so we may begin the Bible Study hour on time.

We have a theme for our Kosher Oneg potluck-lunch each week on Saturday, to help people decide what to make/bring to share. The theme is not mandatory, but just meant to be fun!

We thought it would be fun to assign a color to wear that week as well, but this is also not mandatory. You don’t have to dress from head-to-toe in that color, and it can also be used as just an accent color. And sometimes two colors are offered to give you a choice, in case you like one better than the other.


Please see the e-mailed weekly announcements or the Facebook page for this week’s Cuisine & Color to wear!