Praise Team

Praise Team CoordinatorBarbara Morgan

CTL’s Praise Team is made up of a group who love to praise ADONAI with expressive movements influenced by Hebraic folk dancing and by the inspiration of King David.


Dance Team: our dance team practices twice a week, learning new songs and dance steps. Not only is it great exercise but it is never time wasted as we are praising ADONAI! We spend anywhere from weeks to months on new dances and are slowly building up a collection. We are learning a combination of Davidic Dance and Israeli Folk Dance and dancing to traditional and contemporary music.

If you are interested in joining us for exercise and fun while praising ADONAI, please contact Barbara Morgan.  If you want to be a regular dance team member who dances on the High Holy Days, etc, you need to be at practices regularly and be able to purchase your own dance shoes and any required garments.