[pu-REEM]- is the Feast of the Annulment of the Lots, and is observed on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar (Feb.-Mar.). This a celebration of the deliverance of the Persian Jews over one of the most dastardly plots to exterminate the Jewish people. The book of Esther in the TaNaKh [OT] tells the story of how the beautiful Hadassah [Esther] and her cousin Mordechai [mor-de-KHAI] thwart the evil Haman [hah-MAHN], who plots to massacre the Jews.

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This year’s celebration:

Purim Party

Wed. March 20th @6:30 PM

More Details to COME!

We will also have a sign up (as it gets closer) for refreshments and a box to collect laundry & toiletry items for the local Children’s Home.