[pu-REEM]- is the Feast of the Annulment of the Lots, and is observed on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar (Feb.-Mar.). This a celebration of the deliverance of the Persian Jews over one of the most dastardly plots to exterminate the Jewish people. The book of Esther in the TaNaKh [OT] tells the story of how the beautiful Hadassah [Esther] and her cousin Mordechai [mor-de-KHAI] thwart the evil Haman [hah-MAHN], who plots to massacre the Jews.

This year’s celebration:

2x10 50sPurim

PurimCover2.jpgPurim Party– 50’s Sock Hop! March 12th @6 PM

This year we decided to do something a little different! A 50’s Sock Hop. 1950’s Costumes are encouraged.

Megillah read with traditional cheering and BOOing!
Food, Fun and Fellowship.
Games & Prizes.
Music and Dancing!
Invite friends!

There is a sign up sheet on our Facebook page!

We will also have a sign up (as it gets closer) for refreshments and a box to collect laundry & toiletry items for the local Children’s Home.

Begin NOW working on your costumes!
Lots of options:
1950’s Housewife (don’t forget your pearls!)
Bobbie Soxer with Traditional Poodle Skirt
“Tight” pants & polka dots, heels.
Scarves, cat-eye glasses, saddle shoes.
Mickey Mouse ears.
Ponytails, Up-do’s, Pin curls.
Both: Swing Dance- outfits
Men & Boys:
Suit & Tie Gentlemen
Black Leather Jacket
White T-shirt and Jeans
Milk Man
Bowling Shirts
Bell Hop
Suspenders, Ties, Fedora, sunglasses.
Greased back hair
ETC….. Check Pinterest for ideas!