Purpose & Focus

1. The authority and purpose of this incorporated Messianic Congregation is to advance faith in Messiah Yeshua [Jesus]–locally, nationally, and internationally–as directed in the message set forth in the Holy Scriptures by sharing the Good News; first and foremost, to the Jews then to the Gentiles (Romans 1:16).
2. Maintain Jewish tradition in its biblical context, and put Yeshua back in His Jewish background as found in Scripture. We believe there is harmony in being Jewish and believing in Yeshua as the Messiah to Israel who did not come to start a new religion.
3. Assert and establish loyalty to Torah as well as to the Writings in Messiah as one teaching from ADONAI.
4. Teach congregational members the importance of the love and reverence due ADONAI by their observance of Shabbat, feast days and obedience to the biblical dietary commands as cited in Torah.
5. Encourage the study of the Hebrew language, both as a key to the true understanding of Scripture, Messianic Judaism, and as a bond between Jews and believing Gentiles.
6. Encourage meaningful, joyous manifestations of Davidic praise: such as singing, group dances, clapping and lifting of hands in praise to ADONAI.
7. Be a loving, caring, and welcoming congregation to those who seek better understanding of Messiah Yeshua by connecting with the Jewish roots of their faith that will enable them to grow in knowledge and wisdom.